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A Brief Introduction to Pingdingshan University
¡¡¡¡Pingdingshan University, founded in 1977, is a full-time comprehensive university of general higher education. It is located in Pingdingshan city, which enjoys the titles of ¡°the industry base for China¡¯s important energies and raw materials, one of China¡¯s best tourism cities, emerging industrial city, China¡¯s hometown to folk art forms, hometown to ru porcelain culture, and hometown to China¡¯s magic¡±. Its campus, surrounded by mountains and water lies beside the Pingxi Lake, and is covered with trees and flowers. It boasts of an ideal university for study with a beautiful environment and convenient facilities. ¡¡

¡¡¡¡It occupies an area of 1,313,700 square meters with a floor space of 471,700 square meters. The gross asset value reaches RMB£¤0.651 billion with such multifunctional parts for teaching and scientific research, sports and residents life. The teaching instruments and apparatus of the university have a total value of RMB£¤60,000,000. The library houses over 1,300,000 books, 1500 kind of periodicals both in Chinese and foreign languages. The campus network center is the junction center of Pingdingshan Network, a sub-network center of Henan Education and Research Network. Points of Information (POI) are scattered here and there in the university for teaching and scientific research and residents Life. The whole campus is being modernized and digitalized.

¡¡¡¡It boasts of a teaching staff of nearly 1,000, of which 600 teachers have the MA certificates or P.H.D certificates and 236 teachers are associate professors and senior engineers. More than 60 teachers have such an honor as the Special Allowances Expert from State of Council, the Top Expert at Provincial Level, the Winner of Zeng Xian-zi Education Fund, the Top Teacher and Teaching Staff at the National Level, the trans-century Academic and Technological Leaders in Henan Province, and the Young and Middle-Aged Leading Teacher from Institutes of High Learning. More than 60 people, including academicians from the academies as well as famous experts or professors are employed as part-time professors or guest professors.

¡¡¡¡It consists of such nine disciplines as literature, science, technology, law, history, management, education, economics, and medicine. It boasts of such 18 schools as School of Literature, School of News and Media, School of Foreign Studies, School of Mathematics and Information Science, School of Economy and Management, School of Information Technology, School of Normal Education, School of Politics and Law, School of International Education Communications, School of Art Design, School of Nursing, School of Environment and Geographic Science, School of Sports, School of Music, School of Further Education and such 4 teaching departments as Department of College English, Department of Political and Ideological Theory, Center for Modern Education and Technology, Center for Network and Computation. It consists of 63 undergraduate majors, including junior college majors. The major of Ecology has been awarded the title of the Key Discipline at Provincial Level; Such 4 majors as Primary Education, Electrical Engineering and Automation, Resource Environment and Urban & Rural Planning Management, Art of Broadcasting and Hosting have been ensured as the Pilot Majors of Provincial Course; 6 courses of such majors as Literary History of Modern and Cotemporary Times, Psychology of Primary Education, Intonation of Chinese and Broadcasting Pronunciation have been awarded the title of the model courses; Ecological Geography, Regional Economics, Culturology and Applied Chemistry have been screened and ensured as the Grade A discipline of key construction at the university level; 3 disciplines of Education Psychology, Theory of Marxism, Sports Education and Training have been ensured as the Grade B discipline of key construction at the university level; Such 4 key teaching groups as the Teaching Group of Chinese Philology, the Professional Teaching Group of Resource Environment and Urban & Rural Planning Management, and the Teaching Group of Applied Linguistics & the Principles of Marxism have been elected. At present, the enrolled number of full-time university students is over 17, 000 and the number of adult education students is nearly 10, 000.

¡¡¡¡Great achievements have been made in terms of research comprehensive strength in the campus. The Ecological Restoration Laboratory in the lowland has been approved as the key laboratory supported by Department of Agriculture of Henan province. The university and Chinese Academy of Forestry have come to terms to co-build the Ecological Restoration Laboratory in the lowland. The Working Station for academicians from the Ecological Restoration Laboratory in the lowland has been approved and established by the People¡¯s Government of Henan Province. The approval of the project of the Mode Optimization of Grass Restoration in the Lowlands and the Applied Research of Conservation of Soil & Water has witnessed a breakthrough in terms of bidding the national research project. The Research Center for Culture Circles around Mountain Funiu has been established, and numerous academic organizations have been founded such as Institute of Stoneware, Institute of Culture for Such Three Famous Scholars as Su Xun, Su Shi and Su Zhe in the Song Dynasty, Exhibition Hall for Stoneware, Exhibition Hall for Ancient Carving Art, the International Culture-Spreading Base for Arts and Opera, the Experiencing Base for Magic Culture, the Experiencing Base for Ya Le Culture, the Experiencing Base for Stoneware Production. The national academic seminar of the culture circle of Mountain Funiu, the academic seminar in terms of a famous literary work called Qi Lu Deng written by Li Hai-guan in the Qing Dynasty and the seminar of works written by a famous writer called Lin Lan in contemporary times have been held in the University. The book of Introduction to Literature and History in Pingdingshan City has been published by Pingdingshan University Press, and the number of scientific research projects approved by the Education Department of Henan province or the Ministry of Education is 89, of which 84 scientific research projects have been accomplished or are being assessed and identified. 625 municipal scientific research projects have been accomplished, of which 427 scientific research projects have been rewarded. More than 2791 academic articles have been issued, of which more than 800 academic articles have been published in the key journals & periodicals in China and more than 90 academic articles have been indexed by such academic indexes as SCI¡¢EI¡¢ISTP¡¢CSSCI. 275 academic books written by the university faculty and staff have been published.

¡¡¡¡Pingdingshan University has made new progress in establishing foreign academic exchange and cooperation relation. The University and Dudley College have signed a student exchange program. The number of the enrollment college students to Dudley College from Pingdingshan University is more than 1, 000. BTEC, Business & Technology Education Council has accredited and authorized Pingdingshan University to set its first sub-branch center in Henan Province. Pingdingshan University and Nanhua University in Taiwan have made agreements to be sister universities. The university sent the first representative group of some undergraduates and teaching staff to pay a visit to Taiwan and learn from Nanhua University in Taiwan. The university has formally signed the contract named ¡°1+2+1¡± Cultivation Scheme of Intellectuals and Talents between the United States of America and the People¡¯s Republic of China, which lays a solid foundation for foreign academic exchange and cooperative relation.

¡¡¡¡Pingdingshan University is exploring and formulating the modern education notion with its own characteristics. It has placed the idea of Literature Intercrossing Science, Extensive and Special Learning, Combination of Teaching and Practice, and Unity of Theory and Training Skills as the schooling education base, and formulated the university spirit of Advocating and Highlighting Science, Academics and Humanity. The university devotes its efforts to cultivating the erudite, capable and responsible intellectuals and talents who can build the happy life and serve the people after well-training with their own faith and innovation.

¡¡¡¡Pingdingshan University surrounded by mountains and water has set its foot on new history by inheriting from Confucianism and Mencius and taking in the advantages of many universities, insisted on carrying out the school motto of Highlighting Morality and Erudition and advocating the Truth and Innovation, continued to carry forward the spirit of Working Hard and Perseveringly as well as Striving Unceasingly and Unremittingly, adhered to enlarging the teaching staff and establishing a brand of university through discipline development, persisted in the development strategy of Surviving the University through Teaching Quality, Developing the University by Talents, Strengthening the University through Scientific Research and Becoming A Famous University with Its Own Characteristics, and spared no efforts to build a multi-discipline municipal undergraduate university with its distinctive characteristics, prominent advantages, good teaching quality.